Rogue Trader

Journal Entry #4

Entry #4
Journal of Captain Marao Kreuw

By the Emperor we have the thing trapped! Our arrival to the command bridge was met with an encounter with a thing I dare not describe. A worm thing and yet a little girl, perhaps she was the daughter of the navigator. In my nightmares alone could such a thing have been concieved and yet here in the flesh it nearly took our lives. It was knowledgeable of the working functions of the ship and had attempted to ensare us on the bridge by locking the bulkheads but Gedren remained beyond and managed to bypass the security protocols to allow us to once again exit. The very shadows seemed to jump to life around the thing on the bridge and I swear I heard the distant whisper of horrid mumblings from some beyond place.
By some corrupt influence it was able to reanimate the dead crewmen to attack us. Tearing at us with boney claws and improvised weapons aglow with some infused ethereal power that gave unnatural vigor to their otherwise slow assault. But we survived and sealed the thing within the bridge. We have now taken control of the ships plasma drive and geller field. Davion’s knowledge of warp entities was limited but his priestly training seemed to conclude that by raising the geller fields we may be able to sever the creatures power from the warp, if indeed it is of such a nature. We now wait, and heal our wounds in preparation for a battle with the thing. I pray that Davion is right and that it is indeed of the warp and not xenos or some other such oddity and that it will be weakened enough for us to harm as no attempts as yet have worked.


Lord_Inquisitor Lord_Inquisitor

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