Rogue Trader

Journal Entry #5

We have exceeded expectation in our reclaiming of the famed Emperors Bounty. This is a truly fortuitous time! Praise be to the God Emperor for his grand blessings upon our humble house. Having returned safely with the Bounty as well as the remnants of the Ork vessel we are now refitting and performing repairs upon the ship. Unneeded components are sold as scrap. The crew has worked earnestly to prepare the Bounty and has been going over plans for new ideas and components though I do feel that much of the ship is largely complete, the original Enginseers fashioned it for exploration and I have no doubt it will be more than suitable in our hands for such a function. As to who would be suitable to captain the ship will fall to Echo as he is my second. I know he will do exemplary and serve the Emperors Bounty well. I will have Gedren now serve as my second here on the Indagatrix as he is the most respected amongst the crew. Sarvus has taken the strange artifact to the Mechanicus here at Port Wander to be destroyed, and I am grateful for such a logical choice. That cursed thing must be removed from our universe before it brings an ill fate upon us though I do wonder as to the original purpose of such a clearly evil thing.
One of Gedren’s newly recruited undercover agents, Marcella Lex, has returned from a reconnaissance mission of the Maw bringing with her information concerning an event of particular importance that I plan on pursuing. In a region of the Maw known as Footfall, said to be the last civilized port before entering the Expanse, will be held an auction to bid for an opportunity to meet the mysterious and whispered Seven Witches within the next thirty days. It is said that all Rogue Traders should seek their counsel prior to entering the Expanse to foretell their future through methods bizarre and uncommon within the Imperium; and in this rare case they will be revealing some world known only in legend as The Dread Pearl. Initial reports have determined that this pseudo mythical world is said to hold vast treasure and wealth from some ancient and long lost civilization. Undoubtedly this event will be the stuff of legend, bringing with it Rogue Traders from throughout the Expanse and the Calixis Sector. I will not let this opportunity slip us by.


Lord_Inquisitor Lord_Inquisitor

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