Rogue Trader

Marao Kreuw Journal Entry #3

007.01.816M41-023.01.816M41, 08:30-09:20
Journal of Captain Marao Kreuw
23rd day of January of the 816th year of the 41st Millennium by the Holy Terran Calendar.

Onboard the Emperors Bounty I have decided the best course of action was to locate the command bridge. The ship’s bridge deck has operable oxygen life support functions but the gravity control systems are off line. By locating the bridge we can ascertain the condition of the ships vital systems and hopefully bring her back to life.
After breaching and bypassing a number of the bulkhead doors it has become clear to me that the crew that now floats lifelessly here was taken entirely by surprise. A sudden venting of oxygen or a malfunction of the ships life support systems may have been the problem.
Having located the command bridge we found that the exterior bulkhead to the main causeway had a purity seal attached to it. For what reason I cannot say, another mystery to solve.
The command bridge is fully functioning with gravity and atmosphere. This also accounts for the foul odor of slow decomposition. The crew here has been dead for over fifty years but the foul scent still lingers. From a cursory glance the command decks systems seem to be functioning normally, something strange though is here in the room, there’s some one on the command throne…


Lord_Inquisitor Lord_Inquisitor

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