The Indagatrix: Falchion Class Frigate


Falcion Class Frigate
Dimensions: 2.2 km long, 0.3 km abeam at fns approx.
Mass: 6.5 megatonnes approx.
Crew: 27,000 crew, approx.
Accel: 4.6 gravities max sustainable acceleration.

Skittish: The ship fears battle, bucking against you when entering the fray. When in combat reduce the ships Speed by 1. However, when not in danger, it runs eagerly and fast. Reduce travel time for any long distance (between stars) voyage by 1d5 weeks, to a minimum of 1.

Past Histories
Finances in Arrears: The ship was purchased with borrowed funds. The money was borrowed from The Disciples of Thule, an exploratory arm of the Mechanicus, with a branch order located withing the Lathes. Whenever your crew attempts to complete an Endeavour’s Objective, you must accumulate an additional 50 Acheivement Points to accomplish the Objective. However, the ship’s fnancier supports his investment by providing aid and information. All crew can count their fnancier as a reliable contact. Additionally, their creditor may require the crew to perform specifc missions that they are in no position to refuse.

Background Package: Thulian Exploratory Vessel

Explorator Augury: The vessels the Mechanicus supplies to its Explorators are invariably equipped with boosted auspexes and augur arrays to better aid them in their mission. Add +10 to the ship’s Detection, and when working towards an Exploration objective, the players earn an additional 50 Achievement Points. Wealth of Ancient Tech-vaults: The Mechanicus has access to some of the Imperium’s oldest and most advanced technologies. This ship has access to—and must be equipped with—one Archaeotech Component. Rerouted Power: Explorator vessels do require vast amounts of power to be rerouted to their boosted augur systems. Reduce he ship’s Speed value by 1 and its Manoeuvrability by -5.

Ship Description
The Falchion is considered a new class, having only been laid down in 261.M41. Given the Imperial Navy’s deference towards the truly ancient ships in its arsenal, the class (given its mere 550 years of service) is regarded as an untried and untested pretender to the throne of more established ships like the venerable Sword. As such, it has engendered some undisguised and unfair hostility from the more hidebound and traditional sections of the Battlefeet Calixis offcer class.This is a pity, for the Falchion, like all Voss Forge world ships, is a thoroughly well-constructed and innovative design. It is more fexible than many frigates, having, unusually, the capacity to carry torpedoes. This has led to the class being used in a more aggressive capacity than perhaps suits it, more reactionary offcers tending to treat it as an up-gunned heavy destroyer. This ignores its abilities as an escort vessel for larger craft, its original purpose. Battlefeet Calixis currently has only one squadron of these ships, the three-vessel Broadsword Squadron patrolling a long loop around the Scintilla/Iocanthus/Sepheris Secundus triangular trade route. There is, however, talk of diverting the squadron to conduct long-range scouting patrols into the Halo Stars. Rogue Traders, being freethinking innovators, are less likely to adopt the Navy’s unsympathetic approach to the new class, and it is not surprising that some Falchions have already been sighted within the Koronus Expanse.
Speed: 8 (7 in combat)
Manoeuvrability: 17 (14)
Detection: +34
Hull Integrity: 36
Armour: 18
Turret Rating: 1
Space: 34
SP: 42
Total Morale: -1
Weapon Capacity:
Prow 1: Voss Pattern Torpedo Tube (uses half the normal ammo capacity)
Dorsal 2: Sunsear Laser Battery (1),
Torpedo specialist: The Falchion has been designed as a torpedo gunship. The Falchion’s Prow weapon slot is occupied by a Voss-pattern Torpedo Tube Component. This Component may not be removed, and has half the usual ammunition capacity. The space required is already taken into account, but when this ship is constructed, it must provide one power to this Component.

Essential Components

Modified Jovian Pattern Class 2 Drive (archeotech): Overcharged: The strange and exotic nature of the materials used in the drive’s containment domes allows for a hotter plasma ‘burn,’ while taking up less space. This adds +1 to the ship’s Speed, decreases the space the drive takes up by 4, and is of extreme interest to agents of the Mechanicus.

Miloslav G-616.b Warp Engine

Geller Field

M-1.r Life Sustainer

Repulsor Void Shield Array: The ship does not suffer penalties to Manoeuvre Actions when traveling through nebula’s, ice rings, plasma clouds or other celestial phenomena consisting primarily of small particles.

Exploration Bridge: Long Range Scanning: This ship gains +5 Detection when using Active Augury.

Navigation Records: When working towards an Exploration objective, the players earn an additional 50 Endeavour Points.

Pressed-Crew Quarters

Deep Void Augur Array: Eye of the Omnissiah: The exceptional sensitivity of the array grants +10 to the ship’s Detection.

Supplemental Components

Sunsear Laser Battery

Voss Pattern Torpedo Tube (half the usual ammo capacity)

Cargo Hold and Lighter Bay:
Hidden Spaces: When working toward a Trade or Criminal objective, the players earn an additional 50 Achievement Points toward completing that objective.
Unbalanced: Starships are precisely balanced, something this modification effects, meaning they suffer –3 to Manoeuvrability.

Extended Supply Vaults:
Extensive Stores: Double the time a ship may remain at void without suffering Crew Population or Morale loss. When making Extended Repairs, repair 1 additional Hull Integrity.
Plenty for All: Increase Morale permanently by 1.

Augmented Retro Thrusters: +5 Maneuverability.

Essential Crew and Ship Roles

Rank 1
Lord Captain (Rogue Trader): Marao Kreuw

Rank 2
First Officer (Any but Psychics): Echo
Enginseer Prime (Techpriests, Missionary, Cleric, Void-master, Adept): Sarvus 184-A19
High Factotum (Seneschal, Scum, Adept):

Rank 3
Master-at-Arms (Arch-militant, Arbitrator, Void-master, Guardsman, Assassin, Ork, Kroot):
Master Helmsman (Void-master, Techpriests, Arch-militant, Arbitrator, Guardsman, Ork, Kroot, Psyker):
Master of Ordnance (Arch-militant, Void-master, Ork, Kroot, Adept):
Master of Etherics (Void-master, Arch-militant, Techpriests):
Chief Chirurgeon (Missionary, Cleric,Seneschal, Psyker)
Master of Whispers (Seneschal, Missionary, Cleric, Scum): Gedrin
Choir-Master Telepathica (Astropath):

Rank 4
Warp Guide (Navigator): R’lyrik Verziehenblut
Ship’s Confessor (Missionary, Cleric, Seneschal, Techpriests): Davion Ezakiel
Drive Master (Techpriests):
Chief Bosun (Arch-militants, Missionary, Cleric, Seneschal, Void-Master, Scum, Adept, Arbitrator, Assassin):
Infernus Master (Rogue Trader, Astropaths, Techpriests, Navigator, Ork, Kroot, Psyker, Arbitrator):
Twistcatcher (Any but Rogue Traders): Vallen Dice
Master of the Vox (Astropath, Seneschal, Void-master, Ork, Guardsman, Adept):
Purser (Seneschal, Scum):
Carto-Artifex (Any character that is Scholarly):
Ship’s Steward (Seneschal, Void-master, Any Void Born):


The Indagatrix: Falchion Class Frigate

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