Rogue Trader

The Journal Entries of Lord Captain Marao Kreuw
Game Session Information

Entry #1: Port Wander
001.01.816M41-007.01.816M41, 21:43hrs

With all preliminary preparations completed we may now proceed with our mission. It has been so long since leaving the relative safety of the Sibellus Spires. I know I shall miss my home and in particular my close friend Demeter. I know for certain however that I shall not miss one moment lingering within the exhausting courts of the Lucid Palace. My brothers death demands justice and my family must have it’s honor restored. This endeavor may not be what my parents desire of me but they know it is now my task to guide the destiny of our house.
The stars beckon me onward, and I know that the crew I have hired will serve me loyally and well. Though some may be of less than noble and trustworthy in outward appearances this will only help to serve out our purposes the better upon our arrival to Port Wander, a place of ill repute and those of questionable occupations.
The Journey has taken us into Port Wander and we have arrived much earlier than anticipated. The Indagatrix is a true marvel of engineering. The new warp drive technology is fascinating and I look forwards to learning more of its design once time permits. Thus far Lord Gedren’s agents have located a suitable endeavor and one I am pleased to have the fortune of perusing as it was a truly rare find. A derelect vessel has been located, a Lathe Class Monitor Cruiser, The Emperors Bounty. Despite its position within an asteroid belt I am confident that the crew will be able to salvage it, or if we are most fortunate completely recover the vessel for repair to add to our fleet.
Our arrival at Port Wander has been a particularly trying one. Within the first day we managed to secure the Writ of Claim but had fallen afoul of an attack while we traveled the streets within the Chamber of Gold. A small unit of riflemen and two sentinel walkers assaulted a section of the street. Our attempts to engage resulted in the near death of Gedren. It was only thanks to Davion Ezakiel’s healing arts that he survived. I must admit, I was terrified. I have been in only a few gun battles, yet this was sheer carnage. The brutality of these attackers was both absolute and precise. I hope that I have not made a mistake in risking our families wealth and honor by coming here.
I have secured our lodgings within a comfortable enough establishment at the Union of Drinkers Embassy. We will remain here at the Port for five days while the Indagatrix is resupplied and the crew sufficiently rested. Davion is providing services at the Imagineum Chapel while Gedrin’s wounds are tended to by its clerics. I will have to visit them in the morning before our 12:00 staff meeting. Sarvus has left to attend to matters with the Mechanicus priests near the port enginearium. The others remain here getting some recouperation time within the embassy. I shall try to do the same now, though the concerns of the day have weighed heavily on my mind.

Entry #2
Journal of Captain Marao Kreuw
23rd day of January of the 816th year of the 41st Millennium by the Holy Terran Calendar.
My crew has been operating well together. Over the last few weeks we have accomplished much and made our names known amongst the locals here at Port Wander. Gedren has healed from his injuries and is now back on duty and has successfully established a contract with a starship reclamation company to assist us in recovering the Emperors Bounty. Davion was also quite occupied with his religious services at the Cardinal Laxus Torr at the Imagineum Chapel. Davion made attempt to establish regular sanctify services from the church in the hopes it would help us against any daemonic encounters we may face in the future but apparently our standing was not prominent enough to elicit such a unique arrangement. The idea of such an encounter had never crossed my mind actually and it makes me wonder what Davion knows of such things since my knowledge is very limited. I hope he is just being cautious and not showing signs of prophetic foreshadowing. The thought of such an encounter shakes be to my core.
Echo has also been very busy. Apparently he had the fortune to meet with a Captain Whitehold here at the Union of Drinkers hall and managed to learn that Whitehold was a boy when the Emperors Bounty set off on its last voyage. Echo reported that Whitehold knew that the original navigator of the Bounty was killed or had died and left only a daughter there. He also mentioned that they had set off in search of something within a sub-sector of the Expanse called the Cinerus Maleficum. I have the feeling that Echo knows more than he has divulged of the matter but has chosen to avoid sharing it. I can only assume that this information is of questionable accuracy due to the Captains reputation here at the port as an enigmatic and erratic alcoholic.
Our navigator R’lyrik made contact with a local underdeck organization that barter secrets and questionable services in exchange for favors and gelt. I am much surprised at R’lyrik’s bravery for travelling the underdecks alone but his determination to make contacts served us well in the end. He met with the leader of this unnamed organization, Alexus Vernus. A woman of great standing within the shadows of the Port, she has chosen to provide us with a navigational chart to a system rumored to house something of value and has requested only 15% of our take on the expedition in return for the chart and to build upon our relationship. I can only trust these thieves to the extent that they will seek the greatest profit and it is my concern that betrayal may be their guiding factor. I will need to remain cautious of them, perhaps I should have Gedren infiltrate their organization with a mole. In any case, R’lyrik has done well. Of particular note was his first navigation of the Passage that finally took us from Port Wander into the Battleground. After a sixteen day voyage through the warp we arrived within the Battlefield System. There was some issues along the way, a major sewage leak filled one of the crew rooms nearly drowning the maintenance workers and leaving the bridge deck foul with putrid water.
Warp storms were particularly difficult to navigate and caused the ship to lurch terribly at one instance tossing us about within the Indagatrix hull, fortunately there were no serious injuries. Upon our arrival we began first with a search of the interior asteroid belt debris and upon our third day of scanning made a strange discovery. We received an automated transmission from the remains of the Emperors Bounty, it was odd and distorted. Gedren attempted to filter the audio but was unable to do so. The Bounty was badly damaged from radiation burns from extended exposure, torn and battered from the asteroids, but worst of all was that it was locked firmly into a dense cluster of asteroids that the Indigatrix cannot navigate. Instead we have formed an away team consisting of myself, Gedren, R’lyrik, Sarvus, Echo, and Davion as well as four additional crew hands for security and engineering services. Taking the Aquilla Lander we nearly lost our lives when our presence set off some old ordinance that activated when it sensed our heat signature. It was an old torpedo that Echo managed to dodge but had left us all a little shaken from the experience. We found an external landing platform on the Emperor’s Bounty bridge deck and entered through an emergency access hatch. It had no decompression chamber so I can only assume that it was meant for use within an atmosphere. It was locked however and Gedrens experience in such matters allowed us to bypass its protocols.
Now inside, the ship is dead but is now ours! Claimed by right we now possess this wonder and may proceed with its exploration. From what we have observed the crew may have died from exposure. The interior of the bridge deck has atmosphere but no gravity. The hovering dead of the ship’s crew show no sign of violence of struggle which leads us to believe they were exposed to vacuum. How this could happen we are not certain of yet. The plasma drives seem only slightly operational, providing the bridge deck with some atmosphere and on occasion some of the interior lights.

Marao Kreuw Journal Entry #3

007.01.816M41-023.01.816M41, 08:30-09:20
Journal of Captain Marao Kreuw
23rd day of January of the 816th year of the 41st Millennium by the Holy Terran Calendar.

Onboard the Emperors Bounty I have decided the best course of action was to locate the command bridge. The ship’s bridge deck has operable oxygen life support functions but the gravity control systems are off line. By locating the bridge we can ascertain the condition of the ships vital systems and hopefully bring her back to life.
After breaching and bypassing a number of the bulkhead doors it has become clear to me that the crew that now floats lifelessly here was taken entirely by surprise. A sudden venting of oxygen or a malfunction of the ships life support systems may have been the problem.
Having located the command bridge we found that the exterior bulkhead to the main causeway had a purity seal attached to it. For what reason I cannot say, another mystery to solve.
The command bridge is fully functioning with gravity and atmosphere. This also accounts for the foul odor of slow decomposition. The crew here has been dead for over fifty years but the foul scent still lingers. From a cursory glance the command decks systems seem to be functioning normally, something strange though is here in the room, there’s some one on the command throne…

Journal Entry #4

Entry #4
Journal of Captain Marao Kreuw

By the Emperor we have the thing trapped! Our arrival to the command bridge was met with an encounter with a thing I dare not describe. A worm thing and yet a little girl, perhaps she was the daughter of the navigator. In my nightmares alone could such a thing have been concieved and yet here in the flesh it nearly took our lives. It was knowledgeable of the working functions of the ship and had attempted to ensare us on the bridge by locking the bulkheads but Gedren remained beyond and managed to bypass the security protocols to allow us to once again exit. The very shadows seemed to jump to life around the thing on the bridge and I swear I heard the distant whisper of horrid mumblings from some beyond place.
By some corrupt influence it was able to reanimate the dead crewmen to attack us. Tearing at us with boney claws and improvised weapons aglow with some infused ethereal power that gave unnatural vigor to their otherwise slow assault. But we survived and sealed the thing within the bridge. We have now taken control of the ships plasma drive and geller field. Davion’s knowledge of warp entities was limited but his priestly training seemed to conclude that by raising the geller fields we may be able to sever the creatures power from the warp, if indeed it is of such a nature. We now wait, and heal our wounds in preparation for a battle with the thing. I pray that Davion is right and that it is indeed of the warp and not xenos or some other such oddity and that it will be weakened enough for us to harm as no attempts as yet have worked.

Journal Entry #5

We have exceeded expectation in our reclaiming of the famed Emperors Bounty. This is a truly fortuitous time! Praise be to the God Emperor for his grand blessings upon our humble house. Having returned safely with the Bounty as well as the remnants of the Ork vessel we are now refitting and performing repairs upon the ship. Unneeded components are sold as scrap. The crew has worked earnestly to prepare the Bounty and has been going over plans for new ideas and components though I do feel that much of the ship is largely complete, the original Enginseers fashioned it for exploration and I have no doubt it will be more than suitable in our hands for such a function. As to who would be suitable to captain the ship will fall to Echo as he is my second. I know he will do exemplary and serve the Emperors Bounty well. I will have Gedren now serve as my second here on the Indagatrix as he is the most respected amongst the crew. Sarvus has taken the strange artifact to the Mechanicus here at Port Wander to be destroyed, and I am grateful for such a logical choice. That cursed thing must be removed from our universe before it brings an ill fate upon us though I do wonder as to the original purpose of such a clearly evil thing.
One of Gedren’s newly recruited undercover agents, Marcella Lex, has returned from a reconnaissance mission of the Maw bringing with her information concerning an event of particular importance that I plan on pursuing. In a region of the Maw known as Footfall, said to be the last civilized port before entering the Expanse, will be held an auction to bid for an opportunity to meet the mysterious and whispered Seven Witches within the next thirty days. It is said that all Rogue Traders should seek their counsel prior to entering the Expanse to foretell their future through methods bizarre and uncommon within the Imperium; and in this rare case they will be revealing some world known only in legend as The Dread Pearl. Initial reports have determined that this pseudo mythical world is said to hold vast treasure and wealth from some ancient and long lost civilization. Undoubtedly this event will be the stuff of legend, bringing with it Rogue Traders from throughout the Expanse and the Calixis Sector. I will not let this opportunity slip us by.

Journal Entry #6
From Port Wander to Footfall


Our voyage from Port Wander to Footfall was truly as difficult and trying as all the tales say of the Maw. Rarely was there a moment where some issue did not need resolving. I am, as always, very proud of my crew. In our passage through the Maw we rescued a pilgrim vessel, The Filament, from total destruction. Left stranded in the void we stumbled across its distress call upon our exiting the warp to establish new bearings. They had been under attack from Pirates that were later discovered to have been members of the Brotherhood of Hayte, a chaos cult of no small influence in the Calixis Sector. The captain along with 8;500 souls were saved by our intervention as Sarvus and his engineers repaired their plasma drive, preventing it from exploding. Agreeing to reward us through his services as a chartist captain The Filament is now under contract to work the Maw as a transport under our protection.
Other events caused by our navigators difficulties managing the warp tides caused us many near impacts upon exiting warp but through our lead ships navigating we managed to avoid any serious collisions. Now here at Footfall we have met many strange allies and already made some fresh enemies. The Adeptus Oeconomica Imperialis as they call themselves are nothing more that a group of extortionist longshoremen that maintain control of the Forward Docks security cannons and have threatened to fire upon us if we attempt to leave port without paying them. I will be sure to teach them a lesson in short order soon enough though my crew did have an enjoyable time roughing up their agents a bit. We have recruited three Kroot mercenaries to aid us on our search for the location of the Auction and Gedrin is currently making inquiries into the matter; I have no doubt we will be successful since our Kroots have indicated that it is a well known event here in Footfall.
Of particular concern is our Missionary, Davion. I am not sure if his traditional dogmatic ideals will hold in this sort of environment where men and xenos seem to live in close proximity. Here at Footfall I have seen Orks and Kroots, Tau and Stryxis all making deals with Imperials. It is a strange feeling even for me, but here in the Expanse we must adapt or be overcome. I will monitor Davion’s performance as time progresses. Though the crew could use some away time I have decided against any shore-leave since many of the locals are not likely to accept our people with open arms and I cannot afford any disappearing crew. I have remained here at the ship to make all primary arrangements and to secure our crew while my entourage is away doing their reconnaissance. My astropaths have also recieved a disturbing message concerning the Adeptus Mechanicus and their effort to destroy the artifact Sarvus gave them. Apparently the item vanished from their vaults.


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