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Legal Booklist: These are the permitted books that will be used within this campaign. No other books are allowed without GM approval.

Gaming Method: This is an online game check this out for details.

Character Creation: Character creation standards and house rules.

Experience Point Progression: Overview on how experience points are awarded.

Game Session Format: How a game session flows and options for players to improve their gaming experience.

Acquisition Upkeep Rules: How to monitor your acquisitions and when to roll for upkeeping.

Political Powers of the Calixis Sector: Structure and offices of importance within the Calixis Sector.

Plasma Drive Travel: House rules on traveling via plasma drives within a star system where gravities influence velocity.

Void Shield Clarifications: Rules to help clear up any confusion regarding how void shields effect matter and energy.

Hacking Cogitator Network Rules: How to crack cogitator networks for machine spirit control or capture.

The Emperors Tarot and Fate Point Use: Each game session players draw from the Emperors Tarot for Fate Point use.

Starship Crew Use: Rules on using a rogue traders crew for external uses.

Organization Interaction Rules: Expanded Interaction rules when dealing with organizations.

Main Page

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