Plasma Drive Travel

Now under the description of each starship is a little figure call Accel (Acceleration) which is given in gravities of max sustainability. This number represents the power output a plasma drive can give at its maximum to escape the gravitational hold of a Red Dwarf star (the most common) as well as a figure for determining a ships speed. For example, the gravitational hold of an average Red Dwarf star is 1 “Gravity” at the distance of one AU, and the further you get away the weaker the hold is. So when traveling on plasma drives within a star system requires knowing the Gravities the systems sun(s) generates. Using the following chart will clarify:


Each star system consists of various ranges of orbit where the main planetary bodies remain. The orbits are defined as: Solar Orbits, Habitable Orbits, and Outer Orbits. The number listed in the above chart represents the gravities within the habitable orbits, it is 1/3 more if a ship is within the solar orbit, or 1/3 less if within the outer. Keep in mind that larger stars will have a greater gravitational field than smaller ones. Thus there will likely be more celestial bodies in orbit within such systems. In order for a ship to be able to travel comfortably within a star system it will want to maintain a safe distance from high gravity stars such as Giants and Supergiants. In terms of speed one Gravity represent about 3.6 million km/day. which calculates as substantially less than an AU (.0001). Meaning it would take a starship, moving at one gravity(lowest acceleration), 42 days to get from the earth to the sun or about nine days at 4.6 gravities. This may seem complicated but I’m just introducing some perspectives.
In summary here are some important points:
• Acceleration (in gravities) x 3.6 = millions of kilometers travelled in a day (24 hours).
• One AU is 150 million kilometers.
• One VU is 10,000km
• A red dwarf star system is generally 40 AU’s
• One hex on the navigational map is 40AU’s, which is also equals one full day of warp travel.
• Plasma Drive travel uses gravities. The rate at which determines the number of days to have journeyed one AU within a yellow or red dwarf system:
o 1 Gravity acceleration: 42 days of travel
o 2 Gravities: 21 days of travel
o 3 Gravities: 14 days of travel
o 4 Gravities: 10.5 days of travel
• A stars size will impact movement. If a ship is within the number of AU’s indicated on the above chart it will need to meet the figure in gravities output in order to escape a stars hold. If it does not it will become locked in orbit, unable to escape except by warp travel.
To further expand on the impacts of stars in space travel the following chart further characterizes stars through letter grades:


Plasma Drive Travel

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