Rogue Trader

Journal Entry #6

From Port Wander to Footfall


Our voyage from Port Wander to Footfall was truly as difficult and trying as all the tales say of the Maw. Rarely was there a moment where some issue did not need resolving. I am, as always, very proud of my crew. In our passage through the Maw we rescued a pilgrim vessel, The Filament, from total destruction. Left stranded in the void we stumbled across its distress call upon our exiting the warp to establish new bearings. They had been under attack from Pirates that were later discovered to have been members of the Brotherhood of Hayte, a chaos cult of no small influence in the Calixis Sector. The captain along with 8;500 souls were saved by our intervention as Sarvus and his engineers repaired their plasma drive, preventing it from exploding. Agreeing to reward us through his services as a chartist captain The Filament is now under contract to work the Maw as a transport under our protection.
Other events caused by our navigators difficulties managing the warp tides caused us many near impacts upon exiting warp but through our lead ships navigating we managed to avoid any serious collisions. Now here at Footfall we have met many strange allies and already made some fresh enemies. The Adeptus Oeconomica Imperialis as they call themselves are nothing more that a group of extortionist longshoremen that maintain control of the Forward Docks security cannons and have threatened to fire upon us if we attempt to leave port without paying them. I will be sure to teach them a lesson in short order soon enough though my crew did have an enjoyable time roughing up their agents a bit. We have recruited three Kroot mercenaries to aid us on our search for the location of the Auction and Gedrin is currently making inquiries into the matter; I have no doubt we will be successful since our Kroots have indicated that it is a well known event here in Footfall.
Of particular concern is our Missionary, Davion. I am not sure if his traditional dogmatic ideals will hold in this sort of environment where men and xenos seem to live in close proximity. Here at Footfall I have seen Orks and Kroots, Tau and Stryxis all making deals with Imperials. It is a strange feeling even for me, but here in the Expanse we must adapt or be overcome. I will monitor Davion’s performance as time progresses. Though the crew could use some away time I have decided against any shore-leave since many of the locals are not likely to accept our people with open arms and I cannot afford any disappearing crew. I have remained here at the ship to make all primary arrangements and to secure our crew while my entourage is away doing their reconnaissance. My astropaths have also recieved a disturbing message concerning the Adeptus Mechanicus and their effort to destroy the artifact Sarvus gave them. Apparently the item vanished from their vaults.


Lord_Inquisitor Lord_Inquisitor

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