The Emperors Tarot and Fate Point Use

Fate Points and The Emperors Tarot
At the start of each session each player receives one random deal from the Emperors Tarot deck per Fate point they have. Each time a player wishes to use a fate point or burn one he must also play one of the cards. The card represents the Emperors influence of the flow of time and events in the course of the characters destiny. Within the Emperors Tarot deck are five houses (suits) that reflect some aspect of the God Emperors Influence or those of the Ruinous Powers or Xenos forces. All results are in addition to the normal benefits for using Fate Points.

Adeptio: Represents the various adept organizations that serve as the glue holding the Imperium together:

  1. Terra: +1 additional degree of success to Interaction attempts.
  2. The Healer: +1 additional degree of success to Medicae attempts.
  3. The Assassin: +1 additional degree of success when determining a critical result.
  4. The Librarian: Ignore the results of a Psychic Phenomena.
  5. The Lost: +1 additional degree of success to Survival attempts.
  6. The Servitor: +1 additional degree of success to Tech-Use attempts.
  7. The Citizen: Any Basic Skill can be used as though Advanced.
  8. The Brute: +10 to Str. -10 to Int.
  9. The Warrior: +1 additional degree of success towards any BS or WS attempts.
  10. The Agent: +1 degree of success to Investigation Skill attempts.
  11. The Chaplain: +1 degree of success to resist the effects of Insanity, fear, or corruption.
  12. The Commissar: +1 additional degree of success to Command or Intimidate.
  13. The Sororitas: Avoid the effects of any Daemonic ability.
  14. The Astartes: One Automatic success to hit any Xenos, Heretic, or Daemon.

Arcane: Represents cosmic forces, fate, Saints, major positions of influence, and the psyker.
0. The Pilgrim: +10 bonus on Fel tests to interact with pilgrims.
1. The Psyker +10 bonus on Fel tests to interact with Navigators or Imperial Psykers.
2. The Seer: +10 bonus on Fel tests to interact with Astropaths.
3. The Saint: +10 bonus to any tests performed in defense of the weak or helpless.
4. The God Emperor: May burn a Fate point without loss of Fate point.Roll d10 on 1-6 Fate Point is available by next game session, 7-9 Fate Point is available next scene, 10 Fate Point immediately returned for immediate use.
5. The Ecclisiarch: +10 bonus on Fel tests to interact with the Ecclisiarchy.
6. The Primarch: +10 bonus on any starship related test.
8. The Titan: +10 bonus on any action test performed when operating power armour, or vehicles.
9. The Arch Magos: +10 on Fel tests to interact with tech priests.
10. The Arrow of Fate: Player may offer his Fate Point to another player or NPC.
11. The Judge: +10 on Fel tests to interact with Arbites.
12. The Martyr: +10 on Fel tests to interact with Cult Fanatics.
13. Exterminatus: +10 on Fel tests to interact with the Inquisition.
14. The Rogue Trader: +10 on Fel tests to interact with Rogue Traders.
15. The Enemy: +10 on Fel tests to interact with Chaos worshipers.
16. The Daemon: +10 to resist the effects of Daemonic Fear.
17. The Constellation: +10 to perform any Navigation tests.
18. Luna: +10 to any Forbidden Lore tests.
19. Sol: +10 to any Scholastic Lore tests.
20. The Judgement: +10 on Fel tests to interact with Adeptus Administratum.
21. The Galaxy: +10 on any Navigator tests during starship travel.

Discordia: Represents malevolent forces that threaten the Imperium of Man. For any use of a Fate Point in which a Discordia card is attached roll versus misfortunes Table 9-41 on pg 284 RT Core. The misfortune details are as follows.

  1. The Harlequin: Eldar corsairs have been raiding your property and must be stopped before business may be conducted as usual.
  2. The Eye of Terror: Chaos worshipers have infiltrated and seized control of your property and must be filtered out before the Inquisition finds out.
  3. The Warped Renegade: A Daemonhost has sought out your attention for reasons unknown and has been slaughtering your workers, stopping productivity, until you come to meet it.
  4. The Mutant: A rash of mutations has struck one of your assets causing production to stop, local PDF forces are attempting to contain the outbreak but you must resolve the problem or lose it all.
  5. The Savage: Orks have emerged to raid your interests.
  6. The Hedonist: A rival noble has used legal means to take control of you asset and is now reveling in their new found wealth.
  7. The Bringer of Despair: A black star has been reported to be seen over the location of one of your worlds. Reports of self mutilation and random acts of violence are increasing and causing production to stop. You must help to preserve your interest.
  8. The Lord of Battle: Imperial forces are blockading trade and commerce off of one of your assets due to rebel factions. You must aid them if you hope to ever recover your asset.
  9. The Changer of Ways: A Sorcerer has moved against your asset seeking to topple it for reasons unknown. His followers are sabotaging and slaughtering, they must be stopped.
  10. The Misguided: Followers of a xenos faith have been converting your workers at one of your assets. You must regain control of their souls before the Inquisition or the Ministorum hears word, though productivity has improved (+1 PF).
  11. The Traitor: Chaos Space Marines have assaulted your asset and have stolen away with top secret plans. You must find them and recover them.
  12. The Enigma: Roll Randomly on the Misfortunes Detail table 9-42.
  13. The Witch: A renegade Psyker of extraordinary power has been terrorizing one of your assets. You must stop her before all is lost.
  14. The Kraken: A monstrous beast has been destroying vessels along one of your warp routes, waiting silently at navigational way-points to strike. You must confront the beast and stop it.

Executeria: This house represents the major human factions that influence the course of events throughout the Imperium.

  1. The Nova: +25 Achievement Points towards any Objective type.
  2. The Navigator: +25 Achievement Points towards Exploration Objectives.
  3. The Arbites: +25 Achievement Points towards Military Objectives.
  4. The Emperors Peace: +25 Achievement Points towards Creed Objectives.
  5. The Navis Nobilite: +5 to Acquisition Tests involving Navis Nobilite.
  6. The Victory: +25 Achievement Points towards Military and Creed Objectives.
  7. The Contract: +5 to Upkeep tests.
  8. The Duel: +25 Achievement Points towards Military and Criminal Objectives.
  9. The Fabricator: +5 to Acquisition Tests involving Tech-Priests.
  10. The Struggle: +25 Achievement Points involving Military and Trade Objectives.
  11. The Envoy: +5 to any Acquisition Test.
  12. The Magus: +5 to any Acquisition Tests involving Starships.
  13. The Watcher: +25 Achievement Points towards Exploration Objectives.
  14. The Astronomicon: Any warp voyage occurs in half the time and with no encounters.

Mandatio: This house includes various isolated forces that influence the hearts and minds of the Imperium of Man. These cards grant the user a single use of a Talent.

  1. The Hive: Peer: Hivers
  2. The Ledge: Total Recall
  3. The Governor: Peer: Government
  4. The Enforcer: Bloodtracker
  5. The Tithe: Whispers
  6. The Adept: Talented: Any Knowledge Skill
  7. The Schola Progenia: Unshakeable Faith
  8. The Administratum: Peer: Administratum
  9. The Cogitator: Foresight
  10. The Scribe: Infused Knowledge
  11. The High Priest: Pure Faith
  12. The Inquisitor: The Emperor Protects
  13. The Cannoness: Master Chirurgeon
  14. The Omnissiah: Master Engineer

The Emperors Tarot and Fate Point Use

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